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It feels like Miami, It feels like NY… #SummertimeChi…

It feels like Miami, It feels like NY… #SummertimeChi @tgiFRESHchicago

Hey…let’s make it a summer tradition. Whaddaya think? I feel like the annual #TGIFresh #SummertimeChi event should fit right above devouring a pack of Flavor-Ice popsicles and right below lakefront activities. I imagine the list looks something like this…

6. Attending Cubs/Sox games while debating what color good guys ACTUALLY wear.
5. Attending the *insert random ethnicity here* fest.
4. Chilling with a pack of Flavor-Ice and friends.
3. TGIFresh’s annual #SummertimeChi event (Check last year’s vid out…http://vimeo.com/26541797 <— “We ain’t neva told no lie. We ain’t neva told no lie. Muthafckas I swear!”)
2. Almost any lakefront/boat activity.
1. Recreating the Mookie & Tina scene from “Do The Right Thing”. (Hide ya kids …http://youtu.be/zeyaRxHhVu4)

I’ll be real…as for number 2, this party AINT on a boat (Got my flippie floppies!). And as for number 1, well…we ain’t runnin’ no brothel, so if you have the opp to do 1 or 2, we bid you adieu. But other than that, you REALLY have no reason NOT to attend. Hell, you can even do number 1 AFTER #SummertimeChi…number 1 & 2 if you got it like that (Swerve).

Enough of my rambling…just RSVP at www.TGIFresh.US asap or like our FB page (http://www.facebook.com/tgifreshchi) OR add us on twitter (@tgifreshchicago) OR…well, there is nothing else. Just do one of those. I’m out to go find a boat and some ice for the after party. Peace.


PS: Check out the vid from TGIFresh’s dirty dozen event here…http://vimeo.com/44560233