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This was an amazing email sent out by D Green, if you haven’t gotten this, give it a read, my personal bias aside for thinking D is one of the best people I have encountered in my life.

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What’s good SoChi, I just wanted to share this with you.
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this is my first post so ill keep it simple for now. Look out for more later.

Join all of us in SoChi in wishing our very own D Green a Happy Birthday. One of the best gifts you can give is to RSVP for TGIFresh Memorial day edition. www.tgifreshfriday.com

More Posts to come

These unofficial The Weeknd videos are pretty official

“What You Need” by The Weeknd

“Glass Table Girls” by The Weeknd

This is how you know the president is black…this man is having a poetry slam in the white house #loveit

…as we proceed, 5.27.11 Memorial Day Weekend #tgiFRESH ft. @jayilla & @djtimbuck2

The visuals from the Don Julio Tasting… #goodtimes #tgiFRESH

Still on my video wave… here’s the lastest from #tgiFRESH ft. @mickboogie