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Will Brown

Chatham Live,87th Go Getter, Turned Bloomberg Watching  Barrons reading Chap. (If you don’t know what the two B’s are google it). In 2004   began to immerse his self in an environment in which he was able learn, practice, and become an expert in generating asset class indifferent to absolute return across a broad range of financial instruments.  Throughout this voyage obtained series 3,7,63 licenses and ultimately is  an Asset Manager. Currently in the process of developing private ventures and obtaining  a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, an international professional certification. Long term objective: Hedge Fund Manager.

Will was quoted saying  “all praise to HIM, it has been a long road, I have made hard, at times heart breaking decisions, but ultimately short term pains are for long term gains. No matter what cards you deal me, I’m going to WIN !!! ”