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Chicago Expressways

This was an amazing email sent out by D Green, if you haven’t gotten this, give it a read, my personal bias aside for thinking D is one of the best people I have encountered in my life.

Walk with us

What’s good SoChi, I just wanted to share this with you.

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks. It’s very difficult out here for promoters AND for the “promoted to”. It’s actually a tad more difficult for YOU than it is for THEM, but neither role is easy.

The “Easy” Part: A promoter has to compete with everything. That’s no exaggeration. EVERYTHING is competition. For example, instead of going to their event, you could go to someone else’s…or you could make it a RedBox night…or you could go to Red Lobster…or you could work on your red scrapbook. Don’t ask why I went on a “red” tangent but the point is you could LITERALLY do anything in the world but attend this one event on this one day in your life. Pressure.

On the other hand, YOU have to be bombarded with these various groups of strangers vying for your time, pretending, almost PLEADING for you to show up because, as they present it, if YOU don’t come to THEIR event, it’s YOUR loss. Oh, the horror… Not to mention this set of circumstances has frightened people so much that they avoid their inbox and event invites at ALL costs! Hell…I’m surprised you’re even reading this. :-)

And THEN, on those rare days, when you’re determined to NOT RedBox, Red Lobster, or red scrapbook your night away, the nightlife options seem like so many, yet so few all at the same time. The beauty of Chicago is that very fact itself: OPTIONS. Hence, I’ll stop rambling about RED and go back to the brass tacks I mentioned. This upcoming Friday, 5.27.2011, I can personally think of 6 events going on. I know because my mailbox has been bombarded, my twitter feed has been hijacked, my text messages have been infiltrated…FULL of promoters trying to get me to take a Chicago Expressway to their event.

Unfortunately for them, my fate’s been sealed. I’m taking the expressway to #TGIFresh at Tantrik for a few reasons:
It’s free until 10:30 with an RSVP @ TGIFreshFriday.com – mandatory by the way.
They give me free Don Julio Tequila until 10:30 – my favorite brand by the way. #KnowYourTequila
It’s ONLY once a month (Final Fridays)…which leaves me plenty of Fridays to RedBox it…cuz I don’t scrapbook and I don’t like Cheddar Bay Biscuits.
It’s run by people I trust (SoChiPM & Royalte, Inc) who tend to stay away from the lane of “come because we have celebs and we said so”, instead choosing to drive in the lane of “come if you like because it’s a damn good time”.
It’s my officially – unofficial bday event along with my brethren Reese Johnson (SoChiPM), Rich Evans (Royalte Inc), and Porchia Peavy (this interesting lass that I know). ;-)
I can’t think of a better Chicago DJ lineup than this Memorial Day Event at Tantrik with Jay Illa and TimBuck2.
Oh – last but not least – I’m one of those people “managing” this event. Truth is, I’m a former promoter long retired. Now I’m just a teacher with bad weekend habits.

We genuinely do this event because it’s a good time and we want to act a damn fool in a well controlled environment as consenting adults sometimes.

What it boils down to is, if YOU don’t come, if you decide THIS isn’t your lane…it’s MY loss…it’s OUR loss…and who likes losing? :-)

Hope to see you there.

D. Green