t f v r

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.

Those that know me know this:

I enjoy taking part in/encouraging reckless behavior.

I ask it of my friends. I ask it of my enemies. I ask it of everyone in between. But this time, I have a different request. I’m asking you to put on a costume and be COMPLETELY rowdy. Go bonkers! Why? Because no one’s going to know it’s YOU!! What better time to do some crazy sh*t than Halloween? … New Year’s Eve maybe but why wait?

With that said, the good people of @tgiFRESHchicago (follow us dammit) have put together a little event we’ve entitled “Allure” because, as much as we try to stay sane, reckless activity keeps calling us back. We invite you to go bananas with us this Friday, 10.28.2011.

I’ll be honest, costumes AREN’T required but please don’t be the oddball person that was “too cool” to wear something because you have some pristine reputation to uphold. Get over it and get into it.

“Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” ~Mason Cooley

Tell your story. Make a memory. TGIFresh.

D. Green


The Deets:


Tantrik 800 W. Superior

As usual, this event is RSVP only.

All of this is located at www.TGIFresh.US. Think Good Thoughts…and I’m out.

PS: Did I mention that you can get into Allure AND the Black Friday event with Jermaine Dupri spinning for JUST $25??? Who okayed this???