t f v r

(mind the punctuation, yes i know how to write…this is my place to eschew that :)  )have you…

(mind the punctuation, yes i know how to write…this is my place to eschew that :)  )

have you ever thought of how you would be remembered if you died today? I didn’t used to think about such things, life has a way of making you think about death depending on your proximity to it. I’ve had loss in my family, close loss. And i realize i bear the torch for the men in my family who didn’t make it as well as the ones still alive, most notably my father. in terms of how he has always been with his family and what i observe of his friendships, he’s the kind of guy i aspire to be, a bit stubborn and seemingly distant sometimes but i am the EXACT same way lol. back to my point, when i think about my life, there are things i smile upon and things that i am not proud of as well but i like to think overall my effect on those around me is/will continue to be a positive one. I care to a certain extent about what people think of me but i try not to get too wrapped up in that, its too consuming trying to please everyone. im really not on some meaning of life kick its just i have lots of time to think. i get migraines that wake me from my sleep, so the odd hours tumblr activity is how i pass the time. 

i know that seemed a bit disjointed, what i am essentially am asking is, what do you want your lasting effect to be on people? and how will you take control of shaping that effect?

as with most times i am up at this hour i have a bad headache, enjoy your day if you read this, even if you didn’t enjoy :)