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Money Ain’t A Thang – Until It Is

Wanna play the Good News / Bad News Game!  No?  Me either…but it’s happening soooo…

Good News:  

  1. We got JD.  Thee Jermaine Dupri … Producer/Songwriter/Rapper/Discoverer of talent such as Kris Kross (who at one point had me looking like a damn fool wearing backwards pants and jerseys), Da Brat (The first chick to put the 606__ zip code on a national map), Bow Wow (like…when he was a tiny lil version of a MidWest Snoop Dogg for pre-teens…before he went crazy), Xscape (whose hook to their first single I can still say verbatim…”Kick off ya shoes and relax ya feet” …AND spawned two famous “housewives” - Kandi and Tiny), and let’s not forget his work with Usher and Nick Cannon’s own Mariah “Mimi” Carey whom he helped reenergize the careers of…(no comment on Janet, Ms. Jackson if you nasty).  He’s added DJ to his resume a long time ago, but for some reason, the masses in the Chi haven’t been privy to hear a blend from Mr. Dupri yet.  I mean, a few private events here and there for those with the “bread, cheese, & dough” to shell out, but nothing for those 9-to-5ers that just enjoy good music.  Until now, my friends.  Until now.  
  2. My personal favorite “good” in the good news is that JD is combining with Chi’s own, J-I.  You may call him Jay Illa (I call him Script or Jimmy Panama aka Mr. Best Wedding Speech Ever for those keeping tabs).  For the record, TGIFresh was started for people that wanted to go to a place, have a ball, get drunk, and last but most importantly, get lost in the music!  The Fckn MUSIC, folks!  Only the best DJs: Every party.  Every time.  So when you combine the musical guru behind SoSoDef (JD) with the sound coordinator and musical director of TGIFresh (Jay Illa), that’s when you get SoSoFresh.
  3. As for the title, “Money Ain’t A Thang…Until It Is…”, I don’t know about you folks but, I’m in the 99% (#LetThemBoysOccupy).  Therefore, for me and hardworking individuals like me, we’re sticking at $20 for any advance RSVP because if you do your part and let us know you wanna rock with us, we’ll do our part in doing our best to accommodate.  And for my people in the deep, DEEP 99% (this could be due to life circumstance or just some anticipated hellified Black Friday shopping), we have a deal where you can pay 8 BUCKS between the hours of 8P - 9P every night through Thursday.  Why $8?  Because half of TGIFresh (SoChiPM) just turned 8 years old and we’re corny like that.

Bad News:

  1. We won’t be wearing president masks this time…well, I haven’t quite ruled this out yet.  Halloween was a helluva drug.  See the vid below for evidence.
  2. I will NOT be as drunk as I was last time.  Some sh*t is just unhealthy.  OR
  3. I WILL be as drunk as I was last time, if not drunker.  Some sh*t is unhealthy but just good for the soul and my youth.

See that wasn’t so bad, now was it?  ”Fix up, look sharp.”

Deets: because I know you need them…

Who: The TGIFresh Team (Royalte & SoChiPM)

What: The Annual Thanksgiving Holiday Party

When: Black Friday | 11.25.2011

Where: Tantrik | 770 N. Halsted

Why: Because…well…it hasn’t been done yet.  That’s kinda “TGIFresh” right?

How: RSVP only…ONLY.  Come on.  We’ve done this enough.  You know we’re serious at this point I hope.

Visit here: www.TGIFresh.US

Purchase Tix ($8 at the right time) HERE: http://www.tgifresh.us/enter/allure-jermaine-dupri-combo-tickets/

Video (I obviously enjoyed being Billy Clint): http://vimeo.com/32023637

PS:  I referenced an OutKast lyric.  If you can identify the lyric referenced and the song it’s from, I’ll purchase fix for you and a friend. Good luck.  First correct response wins. *insert cheesy emoticon wink here*