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On The Clock

About 24hrs (give or take) til the biggest event of my life, thus far…   For the past 8 events at Tantrik my team has had the vision of revolutionizing the party scene in Chicago…  To take it back to smiles and genuine good times for an economically affordable price in a safe environment.   We’ve gone above and beyond our expectations for TGIFresh.  The reason behind our success is the beautiful people of Chicago.

We want to give our city the absolute best, and push ourselves to the limit to make each #TGIFresh event bigger and better.  The best DJ’s in Chicago (in my opinion); 33 1/3 & Tim Buck 2 have been featured as well as international branded DJ, Mick Boogie…  But, we haven’t stopped there…

Literally in a matter of hours - hip hop icon, Jermaine Dupri will be 30 thousand feet in the air making his way to our beloved city to grace the turntables for the 1st time in an urban setting….  I’m dumb excited about this!  This guy has been in the presence of some of music’s best; from hip hop (Jay Z & Biggie) to R&B/Pop (Usher & Janet Jackson) to Soul (Anthony Hamilton)…  At the age of 19, JD did the impossible and took the music world by storm with So So Def, he laid the blue print for Puff! 

To give you this ultimate experience it took a lot of sacrifice and planning.  My team are not dope boys, we don’t have investors, we’re not backed by a spirit brand, BUT we ARE efficient and diligent in our efforts to continue to provide quality events for those old enough to know better, but young enough to do better.

NO it won’t cost $30+…  Actually the price WILL NOT exceed $20 and that’s been consistent with the #TGIFresh format…  

In closing, YOU, the regular people of Chicago have made us, #TGIFreshChicago  dope! So in return, we want to continue to give you things you’ve yet to experience and we have more in store…  We’re less than a year old as an entity and SoChi & Royalte are just getting started! 

Now, YOU’RE “On The Clock” RSVP will close tomorrow afternoon!

2 ways to RSVP:

www.tgifresh.us    OR   Text “SoChi” w/ Full Name to 88202 

Hope to see you there!  As always, I say “see me out then say whattup” and I meant that!

Jay iL Out!!!!