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Don’t forget to stretch | Eve of the Eve Tonight

@TGIFreshChicago presents the Eve of the Eve gathering at 7 Ultra Lounge

While it may seem a bit like overkill to go to a NYE party AND an Eve of the Eve party, it’s not.  Consider this the warm-up to all the madness you’ll endure tomorrow.  You wouldn’t plan on running a marathon without stretching first, right?  

Because we know that hundreds of bucks are being set aside for the outfit, location, pre-drinks, shoes, hotel rooms, etc. that come along with NYE, we’ve made EotE as simple as we possibly can.  

1. It’s absolutely FREE to get in.

2. The dress code is negligent.  We only ask that you do you…but do it well.

No headaches associated with EotE…save those for your NYE adventure.  And when you check your bank acct on January 1st or 2nd and think “How the fck did that happen?”…just know that we had very little to do with that.

So as you set out to make these grand resolutions that will expire in approximately 72-96 hours, resolve to bring ya ass to 7 Ultra Lounge tonight.  It’s TGIFresh.  Make a memory.


7 Ultra Lounge: 1270 N. Milwaukee: 10P - 2A

Early Arrival is Suggested as we’ll probably only allow 100+ people inside.