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Love Is "The MakeUp"

Love Is "The MakeUp" :

CHICAGO, IL (February 14, 2012) –

Love is in the air, literally, as today is February 14th, Valentine’s day, and no better day for the release of “Love Is” :: The Make-Up, the third installment in the “Love Is” mixtape series by Jay iL. The series kicked off with the “Love Is” :: Valentine’s Day, followed up by “Love Is” :: The Break-Up. Each mixtape takes the listener on a journey of emotions one experiences during stages of love, love lost, and love found again.

The mixtapes feature various artists from hip-hop, R&B and adult contemporary musical genres, representing the diverse musical taste of Jay iL. Listeners will also find interludes sprinkled throughout that perfectly match the topic at hand. No matter what the current state of one’s love life is, it is easy to vibe with these mixtapes and appreciate the journey Jay takes you on.

Motivated by his love of hip-hop and his desire to simply play good music, Jay continues to hone his skills as a DJ, “I just wanna do good business and play records…I’ll just keep practicing and try to put out dope mixtapes.” As Chicago is notoriously recognized as a tough city to make it and receive well deserved recognition, Jay continues to push forward, stating “It’s hard getting people to pay attention here, if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.”

Jay reps the city well, through his mixtapes (The “Love Is” series and others available for download at www.illanoise.net), his affiliations with corporate clients (St. Claire Vodka, Don Julio, Red Bull and others) and of course rocking parties at some of Chicago’s hottest nightlife venues.

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