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#theRoxy was an incredible dance club in the iconic hip hop…

#theRoxy was an incredible dance club in the iconic hip hop movie Beat Street. It was a place where the coolest of the cool, the most normal of the norm, would go party and dance the night away.

This is the vision of the new Friday party @tantrikchicago I’m not worried about bottle sparklers or “pretty gang” women. I want you, yes YOU the person reading this, who’s affinity for music trumps everything.

Cover charge!? Naw son you good. Only money I want you spending is at the bar to help lose those inhibitions of a long work week and if it’s not the work week but that one thing that’s affecting your serenity then have a couple shots and a lotta laughs with loved ones.

Dress Code!? Maybe, depends on who you are. No corny isht just come in peace and prepare to hear an array of music.

Music!? My DJ network is pretty solid and I have the baddest DJ’s from Chicago and NY lined up to come through. Once a month starting in November it will be special!

Why am I doing this!? Cause I’m too good of a DJ to lose my passion for DJ’ing which has been happening lately, and Chicago needs it. I’m not gonna force anything down your throat sonically but the DJ is the cornerstone to any party.

Don’t be fooled by the man behind the curtain, he’s no wizard. He’s just sanitizing the old formula and calling it new. Me, I just wanna play good music, drink and dance when the mood fits. Not many DJ’s can make me dance either.

So if you feel me then double tap. Even if you don’t come out but like the potential show some love!

Any questions email me illathanme at gmail dot com

Tantrik Chicago
800 W. Chicago
No Cover
Every Friday

Oh, who can name the person in this picture!?