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#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day11  This morning JRW was…

#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day11 

This morning JRW was stripped of their Championship after beating Las Vegas in the US final game 7-5. Funny enough, you didn’t hear much after Vegas crushed JRW 13-2 to give them their first loss, or when JRW made it to Williamsport in 2013 and got bumped.

So today I recognized #42 himself, Jackie Robinson. JR broke the color barrier of America’s favorite past time in April 1947 for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Don’t get it twisted this man was a hell of a ball player, check his stats; 6 World Series appearances, 6 All Star Selections, Rookie of the Year in 47’, MVP in 49’, Batting Champion in 47’, Hall of Fame inductee in 62’, and MLB retired the #42 across all MLB teams.

Career Batting Avg :: .311 | Hits 1,528 | Home Runs 137 | RBI’s 734 

JR42 was one of many incredible Black baseball players. Unfortunately, Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson was never let into the show, cause if they were, you woulda seen the greatest pitcher and hitter of all time were people of color.

To the kids of JRW, hold your head. You still played the game the right way and won, and I’m sure Jackie Rob looked down on you with pride. They can’t strip you of that.

To all my inner city Little League Charters I was affiliated with and played for or against; South Side, Rosemoore, HPK, & JRW keep playing the game cause there’s nothing like “the boys of summer”

And I’m out!!!! ✌️