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Listening to #SwayInTheMorning I was inspired to do my personal…

Listening to #SwayInTheMorning I was inspired to do my personal #Top10HipHopLoveSongs the criteria is production, content, story telling ability, and how “real” it is.

Coming in at #1 The Roots “Silent Treatment”, this was a song about Amina, height 5’7, caramel complected and a body like heaven. She alluded the brother Black Thought all through out this song and I felt his pain, “she knew what he wanted but she fronted”.

But it was an excerpt of the 3rd verse that captivated me to the upmost when Thought commences to say:

"I puff an El on fifty deuce while I walk in the rain
Heart feelin killa pain while I hop the train
Dial her number to the rest, and ain’t no messages left
Regardless, my chest thumps from stress, yo it’s a mess
I don’t know what I got to do to make you understand
I’m for real and that’s no question, no frontin or no guessin”

This joint can be found on the Roots second album “Do You Want More!!?!!?”

So to all the gals that ever gave me the Silent Treatment to you, I say;

"Girl you know you need to Stooooop, giving me the silent, treatment baybeeeeee….. Can’t you see what you mean to me!?!? I wanna love you constantly but you keep neglecting me, and treating me silently, Silently…… SilentlyEeeeeee" *cue the horns*