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#Top10HipHopLoveSongs #4  Right after I graduated from…

#Top10HipHopLoveSongs #4 

Right after I graduated from high school in 1999 the Mighty Mos Def released this hood misguided love story, Ms Fat Booty.

Before he new her name, he “asked her to dance and she was like, yo I’m leaving now”. She knew the homie though, so Mos finally got to meet Sharisse.

But, after “weeks of dating, late night conversation in the crib heart racing trying to be cool and patient”, he finally realized the energy flipped and it didn’t look like they was gone make it.

Time passed and “3 months she call, I feel I’m runnin a fever, 6 months Im tellin her I desperately need her, 9 months flu like symptoms when she not around, I need more than to knock it down, I’m really tryin to lock her down”

I guess he was sick with love, eh!?

Mos was honest, told her what he wanted. She told him “commitment was something she can’t manage” then he saw her at the shake club “with some bangin ass Asian playin lay it down and lick me up.”

Moral of the story; expectations are wack, just let it shit flow organically. And, if the “ass is so fat you can see it from the front” be careful.

But like the sample says “You’re breath on my shoulder keeps reminding me, that’s it’s too soon to forget you. It’s too late to be free can’t you see…. One step ahead is a step too far away, from you….”