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Coming in at #3 for my #Top10HipHopLoveSongs is Pharcyde with…

Coming in at #3 for my #Top10HipHopLoveSongs is Pharcyde with “She Said”

Most want agree and would say “She Keeps On Passing Me By” is a better love record, but not I. This joint produced by Dilla goes too hard.

1st verse was random but Fat Lip saves the day in verse 2 with word play and painting a picture of a night on the town solo that reminds me of my nights alone on solo missions as he “bounced to House of Blues and slid in free with tennis shoes, sweatshirt jeans and no I.D”

Then he see’s her…. Let the word play flow “so i commence to mackin to baby to see what’s crackin maybe get her back to the cabin and start attackin. Threw back a shot of yack and started jabberin, jibbin, fibbin, and ad libbin just to get her to my crib and”….

Fat Lip’s failed attempts to get to the promise land and still let her stay was oh so real. Crazy how she told him “Oh like that!? You know I don’t get down” (ha been there before)

Then Slim Kid brings it home with the melody and “dances with the silhouette’s beneath the moon”

So whenever that girl says “it’d be good if you stay with me tonight” just make sure you grant her the wish!

#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day18  Assata Shakur, Black Panther…

#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day18 

Assata Shakur, Black Panther made the FBI most wanted list. Living in Cuba with political asylum. Don’t feel like writing much. Just listen to Common’s “Song For Assata” on Like Water For Chocolate to hear her story.

"Her power and pride, so beautiful may God bless her soul"

#Top10HipHopLoveSongs #2 Jay Z’s “Song Cry” …

#Top10HipHopLoveSongs #2

Jay Z’s “Song Cry” :::

I may never be able to “book 1st class to change the forecast” for me and my lady. But, this hustler’s recollection of the one who got away painted the picture of rags to riches, and losing your love vividly. I’m saying though, we “know the way he was living was wack, but you don’t get a n***a back like that”

Who didn’t see the sincerity in Hov during Unplugged when Jaguar Wright was killing the vocals and The Roots mashed up “I Need Love”!?

Then there was the hook, “I can’t see em’ comin down my eyes, so I gotta make the song cry” <- incredible!!!!

The part that resonated with me the most was “They say you can’t turn a bad girl good, but once a good girls gone bad, she’s gone forever, I’ll mourn forever. Shit, I gotta live with the fact, I did you wrong forever”

Listening to #SwayInTheMorning I was inspired to do my personal…

Listening to #SwayInTheMorning I was inspired to do my personal #Top10HipHopLoveSongs the criteria is production, content, story telling ability, and how “real” it is.

Coming in at #1 The Roots “Silent Treatment”, this was a song about Amina, height 5’7, caramel complected and a body like heaven. She alluded the brother Black Thought all through out this song and I felt his pain, “she knew what he wanted but she fronted”.

But it was an excerpt of the 3rd verse that captivated me to the upmost when Thought commences to say:

"I puff an El on fifty deuce while I walk in the rain
Heart feelin killa pain while I hop the train
Dial her number to the rest, and ain’t no messages left
Regardless, my chest thumps from stress, yo it’s a mess
I don’t know what I got to do to make you understand
I’m for real and that’s no question, no frontin or no guessin”

This joint can be found on the Roots second album “Do You Want More!!?!!?”

So to all the gals that ever gave me the Silent Treatment to you, I say;

"Girl you know you need to Stooooop, giving me the silent, treatment baybeeeeee….. Can’t you see what you mean to me!?!? I wanna love you constantly but you keep neglecting me, and treating me silently, Silently…… SilentlyEeeeeee" *cue the horns*

#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day17 Author, Poet, Actress all around…

#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day17

Author, Poet, Actress all around “Phenomenal Woman” Marguerite Annie Johnson, better known to you as Maya Angelou.

She was born in the Lou, parental units divorced, her and her brother went down south to live with her granny. Her brother couldn’t pronounce her given name because of an intense stutter, he called her “My” for “my sister”. Some time later he read a book about the Maya Indians and then he dubbed his sis “Maya” the name stuck.

She was sexually assaulted by her moms boyfriend here in Chicago at the age of 7. Only person she told was her brother. Then she got word her uncle off’d the dude. She felt her words made that happen. She didn’t speak for 5yrs. She started to speak again at the age of 13.

YadaYadda Yadda

We all know how dope she was and what she was known for. But I never knew her back story.

Here’s a quick review of her resume:

8 autobiographies from 69’-2013’
18 Published Poems from 71’- 2013

2 Cookbooks | 7 Plays | 4 Spoken Word Albums and much more.

My favorite quote from this beautiful soul was;

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel"

And that’s why I’m an advocate for being good to people. Yall have a great day, and put a smile on someone’s face. They just might need it, and it cost you nothing… ✊ Peace Ppl

#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day16 Gonna keep this short and quick. …

#28DaysOfBlackHistory #Day16
Gonna keep this short and quick.

Garret A. Morgan; inventor. 2 major inventions were the 1) the gas hood which is now called the gas mask. 2) The traffic light.

The traffic light…… He applied for his patent in 1922. Here we are just about 100yrs later (93 to be exact) and we have these punk ass red light cameras that I keep becoming a victim of.

Thanks Garrett

Me x legendary hip hop journalist @kimosorio1x KC’s finest…

Me x legendary hip hop journalist @kimosorio1x KC’s finest MC Tech 9 after wrapping up a full day of shooting Chicago’s One Shot

#28DaysOdBlackHistory #Day15  I’m battling a…

#28DaysOdBlackHistory #Day15 

I’m battling a migraine so I’m going to make this quick. In January 1923 a little town in Florida called Rosewood a massacre occurred. A white woman in a neighboring town made a false claim she was raped by a black drifter.

The events sparked from this lie resulted in black’s being hunted down and lynched for about 6 days. Rosewood was a predominantly black town, and the residents left their homes to hide in the woods. Rosewood was literally burned to the ground.

They say the casualty count was only 6 blacks and 2 whites. But reports differ, I’ve heard upward 40 or more blacks were hunted down like dogs and exterminated.

Look up the movie Rosewood with Don Cheadle, but be forewarned, you will be hurt and pissed off.

Racism is wack, let’s do better!

It’s levels to this sh**

It’s levels to this sh**

My office for today…. DJ’ing the finals. …

My office for today…. DJ’ing the finals. Let’s see what Chicago brings