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Reese Johnson

took this earlier today, it sums it all up, this week, this…

took this earlier today, it sums it all up, this week, this month, shit this year. 

few shots from yesterday.

few shots from yesterday.


today marks 5 years since i lost my twin bro…the wound is no less raw, losing a immediate family member is tough by any stretch, a sibling even more so, a twin, very few can really relate to this, i shared the womb with my bro. no I’m not calling out for attention, just typing through my feeling on it, i miss my bro daily, many days more than others. when he passed, i was happy with my relationship with him, i have no regrets about the friends we were and the men we were becoming and the man i have become to this point. i just wish he coulda been my best man at my wedding, been at the hospital with me when i have my first child, and vice versa, shit its tough every single fucking day. i have no issue with being emotional when it comes to something or someone i care about, and today has been and will be an emotional day for me, i haven’t slept and probably won’t its not something i enjoy but its something that has become a tradition of sorts, 5 years ago, today, in this hour, my brother left this earth and i felt the exact moment when he departed, that connection was started in the womb and ended on this day on a construction site, my brother was working hard and doing a job that he was good at and enjoyed the spoils of. he was an amazing dude, an asshole, a friend, MY brother, my twin. I miss that dude so fucking much……

anyone who reads this, thanks for taking a moment and reading my ramblings, I’m dealing and am thankful for every person who has made strides to lighten my load, i know i can’t go it alone by design, i was put on this earth as a set. 

I hope your day is amazing if you are reading this or not…i won’t be active on anything social today …